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Special Pavilion

Green Pavilion

This pavilion would address and highlight the major issues of plastics and its effect on the environment. Exhibitors of this Pavilion: Plastics recycling machines, plastics to fuel, benefits of plastics, bioplastics.

Printing & Packaging

Demand for Plastics in South India for packaging industry is substantial. Latest development will be showcased here. Exhibitors of this Group: Production of packaging, packaging means, packaging materials, machines, devices. machines, equipment, technology of printing and allied services.

Plastics in Automobiles

Every Automobiles sectors relies heavily on. Plastics usage in Automotive and the percentage of the growth is raiding tremendously. With most car and truck manufactures located in this zone, there is very high potential for plastics. Exhibitor Categories: Design, Raw Materials, Production of Auto Components, Manufacturer of Allied products such as painted parts, under hood parts.