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Why Sponsor

Why should you sponsor and advertise in this influential exhibition?

Industry Specific Audience

You will be talking directly to the target audience. The visitor profile of IPLEX covers a wide spectrum of visitors.

Audio Visual Impact

Some of our advertising sites have huge LED screens installed at strategic locations. So, you get an opportunity to make impactful short presentations that will be repeated several times in many screens.

360 Branding

We have planned a massive marketing campaign so that sooner you sign up, the more leverage you can get by getting exposure on our digital channels, print media and our online community.

Attract Better Talent

There is a concurrent job fair that will be conducted during IPLEX'17. The fresh batch of engineers and young graduates can see your brand presence and this might make a difference in their perception about your company and you can attract better talent to join your organization.

Lead Generation

This is a digital inbound marketing program that uses social marketing and CRM to create awareness for your product or services. It allows you to generate leads that you can add to your sales pipeline.

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